Bus Directions From Union Street

In order to get to Davidson House, you need to use the Number One (Red line) First bus. 

 Make sure it's going to Danestone, as sometime the One only goes to Machar Roundabout.

 There are a number of stops on Union Street for this bus.

 The one below is in the middle of Union Street, near the Graveyard.

The other option (below) is to get the bus at Castlegate.

This is quite a long bus journey. The University of Aberdeen is about half way. (Photos from Lefthand side of the bus)

After the university, the bus will cross the Bridge of Don

A little bit afterwards, the bus will turn left.

This is nearly there. The bus continues around to the left here.

It will turn again fairly quickly. This time to the right. Our stop is coming up soon, but there's a few stops along the road first.

The bus will turn to the right onto Bodachra Road, get off at the first bus stop on this road.

From the bus stop go back to the main road (Balgownie Road) and turn right and walk up the hill.

Continue walking up the hill until you reach this crossing.

Cross the road and walk down the side path.

Keep walking forwards, following the road to the end.

Stop and cross the road when you reach this point

Approach the building

Approach the building and turn right at the circular area shown below.

Walk around the building to this staircase.

Turn around the corner again and walk towards this door

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